Our Mission

CHOUEER is committed to using innovation to reduce the extra hassle of pet ownership.
With solutions such as smart litter boxes, smart feeders and smart waterers, CHOUEER brings a simpler pet- keeping life to multi-pet households, senior citizens and families with scarce time to care for their cats. 

Our Story

ChouBox was inspired by the story from one of the core founding members of the Choueer team, Amethyst, the product manager of ChouBox, who owned her first kitten, Coconut, in 2019, and while she enjoyed the warmth and joy from Coconut, she also truly felt what other cat owners have said the only distress is cleaning up the cat's smelly excrement. She had initially tried to use several products on the market at that time, but the odor problem still had not been significantly resolved, and she also observed that cats like to squat to urinate and lift their bottoms to defecate, so she began to conceive a bold idea: cats need a more spacious litter box!

The proposal of designing a smart litter box that better meets the needs of cats was then supported and approved by current Choueer team members. The Choueer team launched a crowdfunding campaign for the ChouBox in March 2022 and received support from nearly 3,000 cat owners. Since then the Choueer team has used the momentum of ChouBox to design and develop more and better pet products! 

Choueer will strive to create more smart pet products that match the nature and habits of pets themselves, while also offering convenience and comfort to pet owners!

Our Culture

We believe in building a culture that inspires many other pet parents:



We value the long-term happiness of our staff and our beloved pets. We enjoy the company of our pets and we all love spending some quality time with them at home. At work, on the other hand, happiness is our shared responsibility, it is also the key to ensuring the services and products we offer. We want you to feel happy, too! With choueer’s pet essentials, we make litter cleanup, grooming and outdoor activities more enjoyable, for both you and your pets!


Creativity & Problem-solving.

We are always looking for new ways to fulfill the different needs of customers, solving problems based on their feedback from the market. The inspirations of product design are also coming from the endless experiments we have made so the process can guide us to learn and grow.

Join our online community to see our core value in our latest project--ChouBox.



As a group of millennial entrepreneurs who are passionate about the pet community, we want to be open and honest with our users because helping pet parents achieve a better lifestyle is our ultimate goal and we all share a strong connection and sympathy with each other. When we do and say things, we would love to share our stories and hear your voice! Subscribe to get the latest news. 

The Choueer Team

Thank you for letting us continue on this incredible journey.


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