What is better to raise a pet for the first time?

What is better to raise a pet for the first time?
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Dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens, ducklings, parrots, all kinds of fish, tortoise people, I will answer your questions seriously. Little chickens and ducks must be fine, the interaction between fish and tortoise is too low, and it is just as lonely after raising them. But dogs are definitely my favorite creatures, but for several other breeds, they are relatively wasteful, mainly because they need to walk the dog and have too much companionship. International students may not have this time to take care of. In terms of experience, even if you have this time, I recommend you to communicate more with friends or locals. Continuing to talk about parrots, I have raised two kinds of parrots. One is ordinary parrots. I forgot what kind of parrots they were. I picked them up....... It’s not annoying to chat. If I rent a house by myself, it’s really too noisy to be reasonable. Heart, I can't sleep well every morning. In addition, the relatively quiet budgerigars, in fact, it is best to raise a pair of this kind of creatures, but they may not like their mates and fight (there are too many in my family...I have 8). The first few, My opinion is to exclude it. The suggestion is to choose one: 1. Animals that do not take up your time and energy 2. Good to feed 3. Some interactive cats and rabbits become the last two choices. I now have a cat and a rabbit in my house. Let me start with my favorite. Tutu. In fact, it's very easy to feed. The key is to feed scientifically. I have answers in other answers for specific methods and experiences, and I wrote them in great detail. It is recommended that the subject of the question read the answer carefully first. This will give you a good and comprehensive concept of raising rabbits. With these foundations, consider raising cats or raising rabbits. (This is really not an advertisement, but because there are too few people who know how to care for rabbits, and the common sense of raising rabbits is too weak, so the owner must be well understood before raising rabbits. After reading it, just make a comparison, otherwise it will be for nothing A waste of people’s lives.) What experience and experience do you have in raising rabbits? Is there a lot of consumption? -gailhui's answer-https://www.zhihu.com/question/55319423/answer/143971353 I have raised rabbits for a year and a half, and they are growing. I feel better than cats. Finally, when it comes to cats, behaved is behaved, but, um, cat poop really doesn't smell good. Rabbits can also use diapers, sawdust, and deodorant to solve them, but cats only have cat litter. The enclosed litter box I bought still smelled too much. In addition, cat food is more expensive than rabbit food, and the price of taking a cat for inspection and injection is also expensive. The two kinds of animals have in common: they can play by themselves, and they can also interact with each other; the difference is that the cat may bark at night when it is in the mood, but the rabbit really has no sound......... .........Oh yes, you should pay attention to the rabies vaccine when raising cats. Rabbits don’t need it. They don’t need injections if they are caught and bleeding.